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Weaving and carpet weaving

Weaving was an important craft of every Ukrainian family – they made linen, towels, scarves, rugs, rugs, carpets. The main materials for weaving were flax, hemp and wool. Ukrainian weavers worked on machines of two types: vertical (“cross”, “robbery”) and horizontal. The products were decorated with geometrized ornaments: transverse stripes, rhombuses, stars, rosettes, stylized images of flowers and birds. The most famous center of towel weaving from the XV century – Krolevets, Sumy oblast. In the 19th century, Kyiv region (Boguslav carpets), Poltava region (Reshetyliv carpets), Podillya and Volyn were also famous for weaving. From the 18th century, in addition to folk carpets, there were so-called lordly carpets and tapestries