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Join the Unified Active Network of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Ukraine.


Let’s improve the tourist and cultural realms of your oblast

Benefits you will receive thanks to the Association 

Mutual implementation of cultural and artistic projects

Our cooperation with European partners and constant development of interconnections will allow you to implement mutual projects in the cultural areas and take part in international granted projects

Popularization of your establishment/institution

One of the main tasks for the Association is to popularize Ukrainian part of the Great cultural Route of the Council of Europe Via Regia, which will improve cultural tourism in the territory of Ukraine, where your institution will prominently represent cultural heritage for Ukrainian and foreign visitors

Creating mutual tourist routes and products

Mutual tourist products and routes, that will include cultural objects of your city, will increase the number of visitors of each one of the organization and cultural institution

Mutual development of participants of the association

Your participation in the Association will improve the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas of development of every institution, as a partner of European cultural network

Developing a collective commununication with foreign partners

Thanks to the effective communication with European partners a new opportunity of a proper representation of your cultural heritage of your city and region in Ukraine, as well as abroad will be opened

Via Regia Ukraine Association is the only active network of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Ukraine
Every oblast presents its unique customs, traditions and tourist attractions, but we all are here to do one thing – to popularize our cultural heritage and develop Ukraine’s potential in terms of tourism
That’s exactly how many exciting and unusual locations and attractions there are on the Via Regia Ukraine route
Become a partner

You can also begin cooperating with the Association as a partner. We are always open for suggestions, we have broad opportunities for cooperation, we are rather flexible and willing to consider different options

 Become a partner


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Join the team

Join the team

You can also improve the quality of our materials by: reading, commenting, keeping track of update releases (remember the notification bell on YouTube?), subscribe to our social media and share our posts with friends. You can also recommend new spots on the Via Regia Ukraine route and present your own ones that will be definitely taken into consideration


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