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Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

A European cultural path is a road that runs through one or more countries or regions, which deals with topics that are European through historical, artistic and social interests, either on the basis of geographical path, or in content and meaning.

The Cultural Routes (Directorate-General for Democracy) program was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987 with the publication of the Santiago de Compostela Declaration.

The Council of Europe’s more than 30 cultural routes provide many entertainment and educational activities for all citizens of Europe and beyond, and are key resources for responsible tourism and sustainable development. They cover a wide range of topics, from architecture and landscape to religious influences, from gastronomy and intangible heritage to key figures in European art, music and literature.

The certification of the Council of Europe speaks of the high quality of the Cultural Route. Networks implement innovative activities and projects related to five main priority areas:

– cooperation in the field of research and development

– Improving memory, history and European heritage

– cultural and educational exchanges for young Europeans

– modern cultural and artistic practice

– cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development

Through its program, the Council of Europe proposes a model of transnational management of culture and tourism and ensures interaction between national, regional and local authorities, as well as a wide range of associations and socio-economic subjects.

Culture is always a priority. Research, education, cultural heritage, cultural tourism – is a derivative goal. Proper assessment and preservation of architectural and cultural heritage are important goals of the program.

In 2019, we counted 38 cultural routes of the Council of Europe with very different themes that illustrate European memory, history and heritage and contribute to the interpretation of the diversity of modern Europe.

The title of “Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” is a distinction given by the Council of Europe to European initiative organizations that build on key points and places of great historical significance and work together to protect cultural values, exchange of information and experience, new forms of meetings of European youth, new forms of tourism, new assessment of unknown cultural heritage sites and form a network to work interdisciplinary.

The Via Regia – the Council of Europe’s Cultural Route was officially launched in late 2009. This is in line with the requirements of the Council of Europe for the structure of all cultural path projects and has been endorsed by the Coordinating Committee of the Council of Europe. The network is the only holder of the title “Via Regia – the cultural path of the Council of Europe”. Thus, each member of the network is also a holder of the title and can use it for their urban marketing and image advertising.

Via Regia Network Coordinator in Ukraine:

Public Organization “Association of Cultural and Art Centers Via Regia Ukraine”

Zamkova 7A st.
Rivne region
Ukraine 35600