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Making toys and talismans

The toy is a special work of Ukrainian folk art, because it is something without which it is impossible to imagine childhood. That is why Ukrainians paid special attention to the manufacture of toys, used a variety of materials. We have mostly ceramic and wooden examples of the XIX century: dolls, birds, carts, grasshoppers, furniture, whirligigs, windmills; mechanical toys; puzzles (“troubles”); cockroaches (“giggles”). In addition to the purchased ones, in every Ukrainian family they were made on their own from vine, straw, grass, paraffin, bones, fabric, in Carpathian Ukraine – also from dough and sheep cheese. The function of sacred talismans was performed by a knotted doll made of fabric – motanka (doll), in ancient times it was used in rituals associated with folk festivals. Researchers also associate rag dolls with ancestral worship