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Historical and Cultural Complex “Castle-Museum Radomysl”

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«Radomysl Castle» – a historical and cultural complex that includes a museum, a hotel and a restaurant. Located in Radomysl (Zhytomyr oblast).
A unique feature of this private complex – the ancient mill of the late XIX – early XX century. It was built as a defensive structure on the site of the first paper factory in Central Ukraine of the early XVII century.

A unique addition to the complex – the museum of Ukrainian home icon and antiquities “Soul of Ukraine”. The museum was established on the basis of a private collection of icons and household items, collected by the family of Bohomolets. It is the biggest collection of the Ukrainian sacred art in the world. Currently, its funds and exhibition reckon more than 5 thousand units of preservation.

Among them there are home icons from different areas of Ukraine – Kyiv area, Slabozhansk area, Podillia, Volyn area, Polissya, Siversk area, Tavria,  Bykovyna, Halychyna, Zakarpattia, Zaporizhya area. These icons are of orthodox, catholic, union, Old Believers’ religions, with rare stories. They are painted by professional artists as well as by talented amateurs.

The museum funds of “Castle-museum Radomysl” also offers a rich collection of items of ancient Ukrainian life – family chests, household utensils, dishes, clothes, etc. The complex “Castle-museum Radomysl” is washed by the river Myka.

In addition to the museum, the complex includes a boutique-hotel of Via Regia with elements of ancient interiors with modern accommodations, landscape park with ancient sculptures, dining hall, exhibition and concert halls.

A production of paper by ancient technologies was restored here in 2012.

“Castle-museum Radomysl” – a place of such national and international festivals as “Chopin-fest”, “Aristocratic Ukraine”, Via Regia Ukraine.

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Ukraine, Zhytomyr oblast, Radomyshl, Pletenetska, 15 st
50.4775615, 29.216333
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