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Radomyshl National Museum of Local Lore

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In order to present the past and present city of Radomyshl, for preservation of material documents and photographs, former tools of agricultural production, household items, clothing, etc. on March 5, 1959, the Radomyshl Museum of Local Lore was established. In 1970, the museum received the title of national.

Currently, the museum has more than 2.5 thousand exhibits. They are located in seven exhibition sections and an exhibition hall and cover the history of our region from the late Paleolithic to the present.

Upon entering the museum, you will immediately find yourself in a Stone Age environment with its mammoth bones, skulls of reindeer and reindeer, stone axes. Then you will travel through the history of the chronicle Michesk, medieval Radomysl. You will move to the 18th century, when the city became, in fact, the Uniate Vatican, through the rooms of the cozy streets of the county Radomysl of the XIX century and experience the events of the turbulent twentieth century.

A stone grater still holds the warmth of the hands of the ancient people of Trypillia. The sounds of a wooden bell – kalatalo, as well as derkach will transport you to the Polissya village of 100-200 years ago, gramophone records – to the atmosphere of secular salons of the early twentieth century.

On the wall of the museum there is an information board with a QR code and a link to an audio guide and a 3D tour.

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Radomyshl, Miskrady 3 st
50.5028303, 29.2391806
Historical and Cultural Complex “Castle-Museum Radomysl”
Architectural buildings
Uniate consistory
Natural objects
Museum of Flora and Fauna. Arboretum
Interesting places
Symbolic arch-gate
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
St. Nicholas Cathedral
Architectural buildings
City observation Tower (Water Tower)
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