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Cultural barbican (Tatar tower)

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Barbican (barbecana (Latin – external fortification)) – an element of late medieval fortifications, designed to protect the approaches to the city gates. This type of building is known from the Late Middle Ages. Only three barbican have survived in Ukraine: two in Ostroh and one in Dubno.

Tatar Tower was built in the XVI century and to the XVIII century. performed a defensive function, and was the entrance gate to Ostrog from the side of Korets and Novograd-Volynsk. After losing its purpose, part of the building was dismantled for building materials, and the tower itself was abandoned for many years and remained out of sight of tourists.

In 2018, the Ministry of Culture held a competition “Small towns – big impressions.” 158 projects took part, including 8 winners, including the Cultural Barbican project, which aimed to restore the monument and create a cultural space.
A metal structure is installed on the site of the destroyed wall. The combination of sandstone walls, probably built in the late XV – early XVI century, and a modern metal structure erected in the early XXI century, gives a special luster to the revived Tatar Tower. Today, it is a special creative space that gathers residents and guests of Ostroh for cultural and artistic events

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Tatarska 66 st., Ostroh, Rivne oblast, 35800
50.3305511, 26.5255344
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