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Marshad House

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The two-storey building was built in the central part of the city at the end of the 19th century, after a large-scale fire in 1889. It is known to more than one generation of locals, who call it simply a “historic house” or “Marshad’s house”.

In fact, the real name of the owner of this building is Marshat, who was a wealthy homeowner in Ostroh who rented the premises. At different times in this building functioned: private gymnasium MG Rekalo, cinema, dance hall, theater, “old department store”, a bookstore. And it is difficult to count how many shops and stores, departments of institutions, organizations and even cafes rented premises in this building during the times of independent Ukraine.

So this is a building, part of which is set aside for commercial activities, and most of the area was still and is now set aside for housing residents. Many trials befell this house. In the first days of the Great Patriotic War, the Marshad House was badly damaged by bombing, and part of the house was destroyed. Despite this, the silent witness to the history of the city has survived and now attracts the attention of citizens and visitors. Guests of the city note the originality of the architectural design and decoration

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Independence prospectus 2, Ostroh, Rivne oblast, 35800
50.3278621, 26.5236788
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