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Church of St. George

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It is mentioned in documents of 1628. However, the sanctuary itself was built earlier. According to the descriptions of the 19th century, the church was gilded with a silver wrought-iron bowl donated by a local burgher, Yosyfivna Lvivska, in 1600. According to the existing tradition, the church was called “merchant’s” because Greek merchants donated money to build the church.

In the second half of the XVIII century, after a fire and reconstructions, the shrine became close to modern. The interior of the temple is decorated with rich artistic carvings, and the iconostasis is made in the Rococo style. The central image is the image of Christ sitting on the clouds, and next to him – the twelve apostles. Deputy icons are placed above the deacon’s gate. On the sides of the gate are the image of St. George (right) and the image of the Entry of the Blessed Virgin into the temple (left).

After the war, the church was closed and looted, and later it was transferred to the city administration. And only on December 4, 1990 the church was restored and consecrated, the church is still functioning.

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