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Pidkamin Monastery

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23 km southeast of Brody there is a picturesque village. The stone. Its name comes from the giant 13-meter rock – Stone, which rises above the village in its northeastern neighborhood.

However, Pidkamin is also known for another interesting object – the complex of the Dominican monastery of the XVII-XVIII centuries. – an outstanding architectural monument. It consists of four bastions of the front line of defense and internal walls with towers, an entrance gate and a bell tower.

In the center of the monastery is a massive church-basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Holy Cross of the Apostles Peter and Paul and All Saints (1643-1696). In the church destroyed inside, in the altar part, you can see fragments of paintings by the painter S. Stroinsky – “Meeting” and “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin” (1766). Exquisite stucco is distinguished by the right side chapel of St. Dominica.

The majestic 50-meter-high tower attached to the entrance to the church, built in 1708, is impressive for its grandeur. In the courtyard of the cell building there is a monastery well 120 m deep.

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