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Great Brody Synagogue

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About place

Located in the central part of Brody. The main Jewish shrine was built on the site of an ancient wooden synagogue in 1742. The synagogue was almost a square defensive structure.

The main prayer hall was surrounded by lower outbuildings from the south, west and north. The shrine housed valuable items of worship that the Jewish community had acquired for centuries.

In May 1859, the synagogue fell victim to a large fire that destroyed most of Brody. At the beginning of the twentieth century, repair work was carried out, as evidenced by the inscription (dated 1903) on the north side of the western annex of the building. The synagogue was severely damaged during World War II. During the Soviet period, it was used as a warehouse for some time.

In 1991, there was an attempt to restore the monument in order to adapt it to an art gallery, but the economic situation prevented the realization of the plan. The new stage of saving the monument is connected with the organization and holding near its walls of one of the locations of the international festival of classical music “LvivMozArt”  on August 4, 2019. The event drew attention to the monument and encouraged public activists to clean up the monument and tidy up the surrounding area.

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