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Lviv region
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First mention: 1084 year
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About city

The chronicle city of Brody has been known since 1084, it is one of the oldest cities in Galicia, which has always been at the crossroads of important historical and political events, trade routes. In 1630-1635 Brody was built according to the model of the so-called ideal city and from the middle of the XVII to the middle of the XIX century served as an important shopping center in the region.

The city is rich in historical heritage – there are 4 architectural monuments of national and 28 – of local significance. Brody is proud of the large number of temples that were built in different periods and have different architectural styles. Also in the city there are a number of exquisite buildings made in the style of the Viennese Art Nouveau of the first half of XX century.

The most famous architectural monuments of Brody: Defensive complex: the ruins of the Konetspolsky castle (1630-1635), the Potocki castle palace (mid-18th century), the remains of the city ramparts (1630-1635). Sacred buildings: the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin (XVI – mid XVIII centuries), the Church of St. George (XVII – XVIII centuries), the wooden Church of the Holy Trinity (second half of the XVIII century), the former Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (1660’s), the ruins of the Great Synagogue (mid-18th century).

There are also many natural monuments in the vicinity of the city, which are part of the Northern Podillya National Nature Park.

Brody is located at the crossroads of international highways (including E-40 / M-06), which makes the city convenient for tourists. Stopping in Brody, travelers can also go to famous tourist locations: Olesky and Pidhirtsi castles and the monastery in Pidkamin, located within a radius of 60 km from the city.

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80600 Ukraine, Lviv oblast, Brody
50.0827155, 25.1480272
Tourist information center: please reach out to Brody historical and local lore museum, the address is: Brody, Svobody Square 5.
Architectural buildings
The building of the former branch of the Prague Bank
Architectural buildings
Former building of the Jewish kagal
Architectural buildings
The building of the former «Bristol» Hotel
книгарня Фелікса Веста м. Броди
Architectural buildings
The building of the former Felix West bookstore 
Interesting places
Brody gymnasium
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of St. George
Fortresses, castles, palaces
Brody Castle and Pototsky Palace
Interesting places
Great Brody Synagogue
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Pidkamin Monastery
Fortresses, castles, palaces
Pidhirtsi Castle
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