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Chapel of St. Volodymyr (All Saints of the Volyn Land)

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About place

The chapel is a small church without an altar. The Volodymyr Chapel, located on Soborna Street, was built in 1892 on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the Volodymyr Diocese. The diocese in Volodymyr was founded by Prince Volodymyr the Great in 992. He also appointed the first bishops – Stephen and Amphilochius. It is probable that their burials were in the village of Fedorovka, near the city of Volodymyr where the ancient Russian temple was located, which has not survived to this day.

There are mentions in documents of the end of the XIX century about a beautiful square planted near the chapel. The shape of the building resembles a bowl, bell or helmet of an ancient Russian warrior. In the past, the chapel had a shop and a planetarium. Now it belongs to the complex of the Assumption Cathedral

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Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Soborna 1 st
50.8446652, 24.3158401
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