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Mariinsky Palace (built in 1744)

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The Mariinsky Palace represents Ukraine at the international level as a state residence. This is where nationwide events, meetings with foreign guests, receptions, etc. take place here. The palace was built in 1744 by order of Empress Elizabeth, designed by architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The construction of the palace was finally completed in 1752. The Mariinsky Palace is a striking example of the Baroque style: expressive volumes, rich plastic facades.

Throughout its history, the Mariinsky Palace has been repeatedly reconstructed. Significant reconstruction was carried out in 1868-1870 after a fire that destroyed the second floor and all the main rooms of the palace. During the Great Patriotic War, a bomb was fired at the Mariinsky, as a result of which a large part of the building was destroyed.

In 1945-1949 the palace was rebuilt, and in 1975 it was decided to restore the palace in forms as close as possible to the architecture of Rastrelli. In 1979-1982 the palace was restored mainly in the forms of architecture of the end of the XIX century. The fountains were decorated with paired sculptural compositions – copies of sculptures of the middle of the XVIII century, which are stored in museums of the country.

In the 2000s, the palace also underwent renovations, which began in June 2007 and ended in 2018. After several years of repairs and reconstruction, the palace was opened. It hosted the official annual diplomatic reception of the President of Ukraine, with the participation of heads of diplomatic missions of foreign states and international organizations

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