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Kiev fortress of the XVIII-XIX centuries

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Kyiv Fortress is a complex of fortress buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, consisting of several earthen fortifications and buildings. This monument is the basis of the National Historical and Architectural Museum “Kyiv Fortress”, which presents the largest collection of military-historical miniatures in Ukraine.

The museum was established in 1927, it is the only monument in Ukraine fortification of the XVIII-XIX centuries and one of the world’s largest stone and earth fortresses, which has survived to this day.

Kyiv Fortress is a complex of defensive structures of Kyiv, which was formed during 15 centuries. The history of Kyiv fortification began at the end of the 5th century. After the Mongol invasion in 1240, the fortifications fell into disrepair. A new stage begins during the Polish-Lithuanian rule – a fortress-castle is being built on Mount Khorivytsia in Podil (Lithuanian Castle).

Already under the rule of the Russian state, fortress fortifications from Khreshchatyk to Pechersk were built on the territory of Kyiv. Significant development of the fortifications of Kiev is carried out under the leadership of Hetman Ivan Mazepa by order of Emperor Peter I. Large-scale reconstructions were also carried out during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I, who approved a plan to expand the fortress

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