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The High Castle of the XII-XIV centuries

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The High Castle is the highest point of the city and one of the business cards of Lviv is a place that is definitely worth visiting. In the past, this place was first a wooden and then a brick castle (late XIV century) – the residence of the royal elder.
Today, the High Castle is a park with an observation deck at the very top of the earthen embankment, from which you can see the whole city and the area behind it. And although the park itself is located in the city center, it is mostly quiet and comfortable. The easiest way to get to the High Castle is from Uzhhorodska or Zamkova streets, or to go “straight” through Kniazha Street.

In fact, the castle itself was built under the leadership of the King of Russia Lev Danilovich, then – the Polish King Casimir III on Castle Hill in Lviv. Almost completely dismantled during the XIX century. Austrians for the construction of other buildings, including houses on the street Lychakivska, 3. The remains of the walls were almost completely destroyed in 1868-1869 during the mounding of the Lublin Union, as a result of which the height of the mountain increased to 413 m above sea level.

The history of the creation of the High Castle as a structure dates back to the XII-XIII centuries – these were wooden and earthen fortifications (as well as the vast majority of Rus ridges). The castle was destroyed several times, then rebuilt, belonged to different owners: Tatar-Mongols, Lithuanians, Poles, Swedes, Austrians. Here, in particular, were captured in the battle of Grunwald in 1410, German knights, later held the Princess Halshka Ostroh.

According to the description, in 1562 it was in good condition, had a chapel with the necessary items, a vault for the “watchmen”, 10 guns, tools for breaking walls, many bullets, a lot of gunpowder, a magnificent royal residence, brick arcade galleries (Polish: krużganek) , towers, etc.

A fragment of the wall that has survived to this day is the southern wall of the so-called suburb – the courtyard between the main outer and inner gates of the castle. In addition to a fragment of the wall and an observation deck, there is also a 192 m high TV tower, which is beautifully illuminated at night in different colors and is recognizable from anywhere in the city

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