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Dominican Cathedral (built in 1949)

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The Dominican Cathedral, now the Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist, is a majestic architectural monument of national importance, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Dominican monastery on this place was founded in the XIII century. From the XV to the middle of the XVIII century there was a church built in the Gothic style. Due to the state of emergency, the Gothic Dominican church was dismantled in 1748. The new church, reminiscent of St. Charles Church in Vienna, was built in 1748-1764 by a military engineer, General of the Artillery General Jan de Witt, in the late Baroque style. To this day, in the southern part of the church you can see an alabaster tombstone of the XVI century – the memory of an ancient Gothic church, which disappeared 260 years ago.

Inside the church are a number of tombstones, the most valuable of which is the tombstone of Countess Dunin-Borkowski by the world-famous Danish sculptor Bertel Torvaldsen. The Lviv School of Sculptors is represented by a monument to the governor of Galicia Gauer by Shimzer. In 1880, a monument to the famous Polish artist Arthur Grotger by the sculptor Gadomski was erected here.

In Soviet times, the Church of the Corpus Christi was closed, and here, as in many other churches in Lviv, a warehouse was set up and in 1970 the Museum of Religion and Atheism was opened and a Foucault pendulum hung under the dome in the middle of the temple, which by its deviation confirmed the process of the Earth’s rotation.

Since the 1990s, the Dominican Cathedral has become a Greek Catholic church of the Holy Eucharist, especially popular among Lviv’s intelligent and nationally conscious youth. As of now, the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion (former Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism) is still located in another part of the monastery cells and in the bell tower.

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Lviv, Museyna square, 1; Armenian Street, 35
49.8427169, 24.0337958
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