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Zhytomyr region
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About city

Zhytomyr is a city in northwestern Ukraine, located on the river Teteriv. Administrative, educational and cultural center of Zhytomyr oblast, there are numerous cultural institutions – 2 state theaters, more than 10 museums, libraries, planetariums and more. The first stone theater in Ukraine was built here in 1858, which is still the decoration of the city’s architecture (now it houses the regional state philharmonic).

The city is a large transport hub: five directions diverge from the Zhytomyr railway station; The M06 motorway, which connects Kyiv with Lviv and Warsaw, Minsk and Izmail, and the E40 motorway run through the city.

The city has the only National Museum of Cosmonautics named after SP Korolyov. This region is also associated with the life and work of many famous musicians. Boris Lyatoshynsky and Sviatoslav Richter were born here.

Zhytomyr is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine – the city was founded around 884. Its center and most significant structure was a castle built over a deep (about 30 meters) precipice above the river Kamyanka (now on Castle Hill). In 1918, the government of the Ukrainian People’s Republic worked in Zhytomyr for several weeks.

The city has 74 historical monuments, 24 archeological monuments and 15 monumental art monuments, as well as a botanical garden – a protected area of ​​national importance.

Monuments of historical, cultural and religious significance in the city of Zhytomyr include:

Cells of the Jesuit Monastery (1724), Holy Dormition Bishops’ Cathedral in Podil (1874), Church of St. James (1837), Seminary Church of St. John of Dukla (1842), Cathedral of St. Sophia (1789-1801), St. Michael’s Cathedral (1856), the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (1900), the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral (1866-1874), the Lutheran Church (1896), the Water Tower (1895), and others.

Zhytomyr region is also rich in natural attractions: on the south-western outskirts of the city on the banks of the Teterivsky reservoir there is a hydro park; Castle Hill Park is located on Zhytomyr Castle Hill, in the center of the park is a stone in honor of the founding of the city; above the bank of the river Teteriv there is a 25-meter steep wall of the granite canyon, which has the status of a natural monument of Ukraine.

Bridges are the decoration of the city. The most interesting of them is the metal Suspended one – across the river Teteriv in Gagarin Park (founded by Baron de Chaudouard). The length of the bridge is 300 meters. The bridge offers a magnificent view of the coastal slopes, the ancient districts of Malovanka, Korbutivka and the 37-meter monument of Glory.

Tourists are offered many themed walks on a retro tram – a unique museum on wheels in Zhytomyr. At the request of tourists, it can be decorated with festive illumination. By the way, the retro tram in Zhytomyr is one of the oldest trams in Ukraine

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10000 Ukraine, Zhytomyr oblast, Zhytomyr district, Zhytomyr
50.25465, 28.6586669
TIC: st. Mala Berdychivska, 25, office 51
+38 0412 47 44 20
E-mail: zhotic@ukr.net
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zhtic/
замкова гора житомир
Interesting places
Castle Hill, castle site of Zhytomyr Castle
вулиця михайлівська інсталяція парасолька житомир
Interesting places
Mykhailivska Pedestrian Street
Interesting places
Suspended pedestrian bridge
парк культури та відпочинку імені Юрія Гагаріна Житомир
Yuri Gagarin Park (Shoduar Park)
National museum of astronautics of S.P. Korolyov
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Seminary Church of St. John of Dukla (1838-1842)
Natural objects
Rock “Head of Chatsky”
Architectural buildings
Local history museum
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
St. Michael’s Cathedral
Theaters, philharmonic
Zhytomyr Regional Philharmonic
Architectural buildings
Water tower
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Transfiguration Cathedral
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Cathedral of St. Sophia
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