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Water tower

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The water tower is a historical building and an architectural monument in Zhytomyr. It was used at once for 3 purposes: water storage, as a water pressure regulator and as a fire observation tower. The building was erected together with a water main, its architects were Arnold Ensch and Mechyslav Librovich. At the top of the tower, two tanks with a total volume of 200 cubic meters were installed.

Built in the neo-Gothic style, the tower is decorated with wrought iron rosettes, which are placed on the facade in two tiers. In planning, the tower has an octagonal shape. At a height of 20 meters, buttresses were built to support water tanks – 4 corner ones and 6 intermediate.

At the end of the XIX century the city of Zhytomyr had problems with the water intake and water supply system. Construction of the 31-meter tower began in 1895, and the official opening took place in 1898. There is a small booth on the roof – an observation deck with a floodlight, where the fire brigade and residents were given a signal about the fire so that they would not use water at this time. During the war, the tower also served as an air defense observation post. At the end of the XIX century the tower was the tallest building in the city – at that time it was a local skyscraper. In fact, the tower rose more than 40 meters above the city level.

In 1963, the old tower ceased to perform its basic functions, and received the status of an architectural monument in 1996. To this day, the tower remains a tourist attraction. In 1984, a cafe was opened in the tower.

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