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Church of St. Jehoshaphat (Church).

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About place

Since the XIX century. Volyn is becoming one of the compact regions where Germans live in Ukraine. During the German colonization of Volyn, the Germans were exempt from paying taxes, military service, and took land plots on preferential terms. The main influx of German emigrants to Volyn occurred in 1860-1880. The first foreign colony appeared in 1787 in Volodymyr district. This settlement was founded by Dutch people.

In 1890, in Volodymyr-Volynskyi, German colonists built a Lutheran church (German “kirchen” – church). The rich landowners donated 100 zlotys a month, and the poorer ones – 10. A neo-Gothic church was built with these funds. Next to it is the pastor’s house. Today, the former church is the Greek Catholic Church of St. Jehoshaphat, and the pastor’s house is a Basilian monastery

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Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Kovelska 47 st.
50.8494817, 24.3205727
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of St. Basil (XIII-XIV centuries)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Assumption Cathedral (1156-1160)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ XVIII century.
Memorial complex
Memorial Complex “Victims of Fascism”
Friday gate
Architectural buildings
Basilian pharmacy building
Architectural buildings
The building of the Torah-Talmud school (XIX century)
Architectural buildings
Volodymyr-Volynskyi Historical Museum
Interesting places
The building of the military commissariat
Architectural buildings
The building of the men’s gymnasium (red school)
Architectural buildings
Capuchin walls
Historical monument
Earth shafts
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