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Architectural monument (House of Mykola Holovan)

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Also known as the House of Mykola Holovan in Lutsk – is an architectural monument of the modern history of the city. It is not just a house, but a true masterpiece, created by a local sculptor all on his own. This house is often called a house with chimeras. The very building  resembles a medieval castle with a Gothic and baroque  features. The pieces decorate the walls, the roof, the yard. The master created it using mostly rocks and green sandstone. Overall, there are more than 500 sculptures in the building. On the façade there is a bas-relief with paintings of the sculptures’ family members: the master himself Mykola Holovan, his wife, daughter and son. It weights one and a half tons, and is made out of green sandstone. The creation of the building began in the 1980s, and continue till this day. There lots of sculptures on the territory that surrounds the building as well, the most prominent one is Madonna with a baby, that is situated on the very shore of the Styr river

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Luteranska 9 St., Lutsk, Volyn oblast, 43000
50.7374372, 25.3141807
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