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Lutheran church

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Lutheran church (now Baptist church) in Lutsk – an architectural monument, on the Karaimska 16 street, is on the balance of state historical and cultural reserve. The church was built in 1906 as a temple of Lutsk Lutheran community. Since its foundation, it was one of the main temples for German colonists in Volyn. However, due to the events of World War 2, it declined. During the Soviet times it belonged to different institutions, including the main archive. With a fall of Soviet Union, the church was given to the Baptist community, that properly restored it. Now it is an architectural monument, a silhouette of which plays an important role in terms of composition and aesthetics on the general background of the Lutsk reserve. Near the façade wall of the church on October 1st 2015 a memorial sign of Volyn Germans – victims of the deportation in 1915-1916s to remote regions of the Russian Empire was opened

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Karaimskaya 16 St., Lutsk, Volyn oblast
50.7379633, 25.3161049
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