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Museum of Volyn Icon

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Opened in Lutsk in August 1993. It is the only museum in Ukraine that presents an authentic regional school of iconography in Ukraine. The collection of the museum includes more than 600 icons of XVI-XIX centuries, objects of metal plastic craft (icons, church utensils) and sculptures. Icon of the Mother of God of Kholm is a priceless pearl of this collection, it is a unique monument of Byzantine art of ХІ-ХІІ centuries, one of the most worshiped Chistian shrines. In June 2001 until the 10th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence an expanded exposition of the Museum of Volyn Icon was created in the new premises. In the halls of the museum around 100 works of icon painting of XVI-XVIII centuries are exhibited. A remarkable canonicity, rigor of the compositions and virtuosity of execution is expressed in the monumental image “The Savior In Glory” of mid XVI, which is also the best examples of this particular type in iconography

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Yaroshchuka 5 st., Lutsk, Volyn oblast
50.7481061, 25.3309988
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