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The dungeons of the Cathedral of The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

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The dungeons of the cathedral are at a depth of 8 meters below the ground level. Built in the beginning of XVII century with the assistance of the Jesuit Fathers. Underground structures were used for the cultural, defensive, agricultural objectives. Here can be also seen burials of locals as well as prominent religious activists. In particular, there are 8 tombs, apparently used for burying the clergy. Nowadays, only 2 tiers of the dungeons are identified and explored. However, some archival data shows evidence of 3 or even 4 tiers. The work on their discovering and exploring is conducted.

During the Soviet period, the dungeons were used as a storage for vegetables and fish, thus many changes were made in the constructions during that particular time.

Now, a tourist can visit and see 12 halls, particularly the Lower church, sacristy, distant galleries and rooms, tomb and dining halls, stroll through the ancient stairs and get to the underground well

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Cathedral 6 St., Lutsk, Volyn oblast
50.7382469, 25.3198204
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