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Church of Saints Yakim and Anna (1752)

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In 1371 a Catholic episcopate was established in Volodymyr. Peter of the Dominican Order became the first Catholic bishop. In the XVI century Princess Anna Zbarazhka financed the construction of the wooden church of Joachim and Anna. The case was supported by Martin-Bozhidar Pidhorodnensky. He was buried in the church as a patron. However, the wooden church was destroyed by fire in the early XVII century.

In the XVIII century. The construction of the brick church of Joachim and Anna began, with the active support of Lutsk Bishop Adam of Orange. The church, built in the late Baroque style, was consecrated in 1752.

The church acted as a parish (hence the name “Fara”, which was given to the neighboring square). Part of the altars in the church was used by Capuchin monks, because their monastery was nearby.

Architecturally, the church is a three-nave basilica with two quadrangular towers. Preserved old tiles on the floor and windows. Once there was a 9-voice organ in the church, which was famous for its sound and icons of the XVIII – XIX centuries, but they did not survive. Only frescoes depicting angels on the walls of the temple have survived. Stylistically, the interior is close to Rococo.

In 1947, the church of Joachim and Anna was closed by the Soviet authorities, and later turned into a furniture store, cafeteria. Immediately after closing, valuable oak benches and an organ were taken out. In 1991, the church was returned to Roman Catholics. It is currently in force

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Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Kovelska 1 st.
50.861583, 24.3258457
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