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Volyn region
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First mention: 988 year
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About city

Volodymyr-Volynsky (ancient Rus: Володимирѣрь) is one of the oldest in Ukraine, with a history of 1032 years. Today it is a city of Ukraine of regional significance in the Volyn region. The city is located in a favorable geographical location. The city was crossed by the great trade routes of antiquity – the road from the “Vikings to the Greeks”, which connected the Mediterranean with Scandinavia and the road that connected Europe with the Middle and Far East.

In 1199, Volodymyr-Volynsky became the capital of the Galicia-Volyn principality and the cultural, political, and economic center of these lands. Part of the Galician-Volyn chronicle was written in Volodymyr, and book miniatures were decorated. Therefore, according to its historical significance, it can compete even in Kyiv or Lviv.

Many unique monuments of sacred architecture have been preserved in Volodymyr. The cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is considered to be the pearl of the Volyn region and even the whole of Western Ukraine. This temple preserves an artistic masterpiece of the XV century. – the altar cross, which depicts the crucified Christ, and the tombs of the XII-XIII centuries, in which Ukrainian princes (kings) are buried.

The church-rotunda of St. Basil the Great (XIII-XV centuries) is a unique site – ancient architects built it in the form of an unfolded flower with petals. In history, it is called “lunch”, i.e. erected in 1 day. It has no analogues in world architecture.

The main feature of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Cross of the XVIII century is a dungeon with an underground church of the Blessed Virgin with the burial of monks.

And the Holy Dormition Cathedral (Mstislav’s Church), built in 1156-1160, is the only architectural monument of the pre-Mongol period that has survived in Volyn. By visiting the Mstislav Temple, you can quench not only your spiritual thirst – a life-giving healing spring has been beating nearby in Slovyansky Park for over 1,000 years.

One of the oldest collections of antiquities of the Volyn region and Ukraine – Volodymyr-Volyn Historical Museum. O. Dvernytsky. Currently, the museum houses about 20,000 exhibits of the main fund.

The city has established several travel agencies that provide travel services within the Volyn region and throughout Ukraine. Guides of the historical museum also conduct interesting local history trips for everyone.

The Prince’s Festival in June 2018 gathered 8,500,000 visitors from different cities of Ukraine and Poland, aimed at young people and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Volodymyr’s tasty business card is unique dishes from the best local chefs – “Google with Volyn kruchenyky”, “Volodymyrsky” curl, “Volodymyrske kurchatko”, “Knyazivska smakota” and others. Also, the executive committee of the city council together with the best chefs of the city prepared an interesting culinary route for tourists

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4470 Ukraine , Volyn oblast, Volodymyr-Volynskyi region, Volodymyr-Volynskyi
50.8481952, 24.3256569
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of St. Basil (XIII-XIV centuries)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Assumption Cathedral (1156-1160)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ XVIII century.
Memorial complex
Memorial Complex “Victims of Fascism”
Friday gate
Architectural buildings
Basilian pharmacy building
Architectural buildings
The building of the Torah-Talmud school (XIX century)
Architectural buildings
Volodymyr-Volynskyi Historical Museum
Interesting places
The building of the military commissariat
Architectural buildings
The building of the men’s gymnasium (red school)
Architectural buildings
Capuchin walls
Historical monument
Earth shafts
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Chapel of St. Volodymyr (All Saints of the Volyn Land)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Dominican monastery (XV-XVIII centuries)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of St. George (1908)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of St. Jehoshaphat (Church).
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of St. Nicholas (1780)
Churches, cathedrals, monasteries
Church of Saints Yakim and Anna (1752)
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